Queens Park Music Club
September 2015
Mimei Thompson
Flies in my Eyes
July 2015
Urara Tsuchiya
Connoisseurs World
May 2015
Craig Mulholland
Suspended Intervals
February 2015
Exchange Rates
John Butler, Ellis Luxemburg, Patrick Jameson
October 2014
Michael White
You're studying that reality... We'll act again 
October 2014
Mark McGowan
The Artist Taxi Driver
May 2014
Build then burn
Olivia Guertler, Patrick Jameson, Ellis Luxemburg, Owen Piper
At Sydhavn Station, Copenhagen for Artist Run 2014 
May 2014
Kling Klang
Jim Colquhoun, Steve Hollingsworth, Ellis Luxemburg, Patrick Jameson
April 2014
Two Ruins - The Hyperboreans
Colquhoun & Hollingsworth 
February 2014
David Sherry, Stewart Home, Michelle Hannah, Rose Ruane
October - November 2013
Ten days in Summer
Federico Del Vecchio, Hrafnhildur Halldórsdóttir, Jamie Clements, Ruby Pester and Nadia Rossi
July - August 2013
David Hoyle
Souvenirs of Cope n hagen
June - July 2013
Rob Kennedy
Public Address: Hello can you hear me now?
with Barry Burns, Sue Tompkins, Glynn Forrest, Bruce Morton & Sonia Cromarty 
June 2013
John Riepenhoff
Plein Air Paintings
May 2013 
Gayle Meikle - Cuth 
Virginia Hutchison, Ylva Trapp, Muscles of Joy, The Modern Language Experiment
Jan - Feb 2013 
Colquhoun & Hollingsworth
Two Ruins
November - December 2012
Clemens WIlhelm
A Good Story
October 2012
Ten Days in Summer
Urara Tsuchiya, Alec McKenzie, Cheryl Field, Dougie laing
August - September 2012
Glasgow international - Everything flows
Solina HI-FI & James Thomas 
Everything Flows - Graphoder
Curated by Patricia Fleming and Caroline Stevenson in collaboration with Volume, London
Art destroyed the world, and it won't stop there
Gregor Johnstone & Henry Coombes
Gallery Residency
Rose Ruane
Gallery Residency
Michelle Hannah
Stewart Home
Re Enter the Dragon
April 2106
Conor Kelly
Daddy in the Algorithm
January 2017
Clemens Wilhelm
A Horse with Wheels
April 2017
Ten Days in Summer 3
Alan Stanners, Jedrzej Cichosz, Beky Sik, Erik Smith
June 2017
Erica Eyres
Alone and I
Human Machine Interface - Hilbertraum Gallery Berlin
John Butler, Erica Eyres, Michelle Hannah, Stewart Home, David Hoyle, Patrick Jameson, Conor Kelly,
Andy Kennedy, Paul Kindersley, Ellis Luxemburg, Mark McGowan, Craig Mulholland, Becky Sik,
David Sherry, Urara Tsuchiya, Joseph Walsh
October 2017

Artists who make music Musicians who make art - A curatorial project with Ross Sinclair
Aki, Dave Allen, Penny Anderson, Millie Angel, Charlotte Arnhold, Pete Astor, Alan Edward Austin, Ruth Barker, Shipsides and Beggs Projects, David Bellingham, Claire Biddles, Ross Birrell, Bobby Bluebell, Martin Boyce, Andrew Braidwood, Jill Bryson, Roddy Buchanan, Rob Churm, David Michael Clark, Nathan Coley, Edwyn Collins, Anne Marie Copestake, Craig Coulthard, Thomson & Craighead, Martin Creed, Alan Currall, Sushil K Dade, Sean Dickson, Amy Di Rollo,
Andrew Divine, Chris Dooks, Natalie Doyle, Bill Drummond, Alan Dunn, Carla Easton, Graham Fagen, Douglas Gordon, Marianne Greated, Bob Carey Grieve,
Mark Gubb, Hrafnhildur Halldórsdóttir, Michelle Hannah, Bob Hardy, Winnie Herbstein, Angus Hood, Hayley Jane Dawson, Hannan Jones, Eugene Kelly,
Krysia Kordecka, Edinburgh Leisure, Derek Lodge, Raymond MacDonald, Russell MacEwan, Paul Maguire, David Mackintosh, Alicia Matthews, Iain McCall,
David McClymont, Brian McFie, Andy McGregor, Richard McMaster, Mary McIntyre, Davie Miller, Kieran Clayton Milne, Jonathan Monk, Douglas Morland,
Vikki Morton, Craig Mulholland, Scott Myles, John Nicol, Brendan O’Hare, Dougie Payne, Susan Philipsz, The Lonely Piper, Zexuan Qiao, Beagles & Ramsay,
Baldvin Ringstead, Danny Saunders, Jack Saunders, Peter Scott, John Shankie, David Sherry, Dave Shrigley, Becky Šik, Bob and Roberta Smith, Fiona Soe Paing, Tim Sandys, Alan Stanners, Simon Starling, Calum Stirling, Niall Campbell Strachan, Sara Stroud, Robbie Thomson, Hanna Tuulikki, Clara Ursitti, John Vick, Martin Vincent, Jessica Voorsanger, Rachel Walker, Cathy Weir, Snæbjörnsdóttir/Wilson, Lin Zheng
February 2018
Michael Fullerton
Seminal Event
Glasgow International 2018
April 2018
Alan Stanners
Living Room pictures
May 2019
Sorry for the delay
Louise Mervelet, Quentin Blomet, Alys Owen, Michella Perrera, Mv Brown, Camille Brêteau, Janna Zhiri
Curated by Quentin Blomet & Camille Brêteau
July 2019
Neil Bickerton
My Think
October 2019

Harriet Rickard
People of the town
Curated by JJ Tipton
September 2019

Walker & Bromwich
A leap into the dark
March 2020
Graham Fagen
Ping Pong Club
June 2021

Claire Barclay, Mary Redmond, Joanna Kinnersly Taylor
November 2020