Kling Klang
Kling Klang is a project which encompasses video, sculpture, text and performance in a collaborative context.
Ellis Luxemberg and Patrick Jameson asked Steve Hollingsworth and Jim Colquhoun (two Ruins) to work with them in producing this project for Glasgow Interntional 2014
The publication for this project is an anthology of texts in which various people were asked about the link between music and their practice.
It's available to download for free here.
The last week of the exhibition was given over to Queens Park Music Club, a drop in electronic music workshop.

Jameson & Luxemburg
Jameson, Luxemburg, Hollingsworth, Colquhoun
Hollingsworth & Colquhoun
Hollingsworth & Colquhoun, The Profane Illuminations
Hollingsworth & Colquhoun opening performance
Douglas Morland, Some Velvet Summer - Performance at launch of Queens Park Music Club
Queens Park Music Club - Installation by Jameson & Luxemburg