Human Machine Interface
John Butler Erica Eyres Michelle Hannah Stewart Home David Hoyle Patrick Jameson Conor Kelly Andy Kennedy Paul Kindersley Ellis Luxemburg Mark McGowan Craig Mulholland Becky Sik David Sherry
Urara Tsuchiya Joseph Walsh

We shape our tools, and thereafter our tools shape us.

This quote, often misattributed to Marshall McLuhan has been used to describe the paradigm of conventional western production and consumption, with particular reference to the way in which the intended purpose of technology (in a Marxist sense) has been re routed, re appropriated, commodified and used against us. Perhaps it should read,

We shape our tools, and thereafter our tools destroy us

Or perhaps we should look to Orwell’s 1984,

Reality exists in the human mind, and nowhere else

The works in this show have been produced over a period of over twenty years. In fact many of the themes in these works relate to issues and events going back to the beginning of the post war period. The changes that the west has seen in the last two years however may well go down in history as similarly significant as the last (documented) World War. Specifically this show features works that were made both before and after Brexit and Trump. None of the works are overtly illustrative of the current situation but they point to a sense of rising anxiety in society, the decline of the west, asset stripping, bureaucratic power and the shift from ideology to consensus as a key motivation in politics.

It has been said that technology plays an important role in the make up of human identity and while technology is itself a tool of our own making, we still possess the power to subvert it’s progress.

Conor Kelly (David Sherry inset)
John Butler - People should work - 2017
Michelle Hannah - Out of the Blu_ -2016
Patrick Jameson - New Faslane - 2017
Becky Sik - A thought becomes announcment - 2017
Mark McGowan - Frieze Art Fair - 2010
Urara Tsuchiya and Paul Kindersley Mondo Shona 2016

Ellis Luxemburg - Blackbird - 2015

David Sherry - The sauage roll conundrum - 2016
Erica Eyres - Video Tutorial - 2016
Stewart Home - No pity - 1994
David Hoyle - The world is burning - 2011
Craig Mulholland - Say What You Mean What You Say - 2017
Urara Tsuchiya and Joseph Walsh - Crew Crew - 2014
Andy Kennedy - Effects Loop - 2016
Squirrel Monkey (Saimiri sciureus) 2017

Ellis Luxemburg - ConVentions - 2014
Paul Kindersley - How to do DIY, Art and woodwork at home - 2015